Rub a Dub Sub - Polytics S02 E36

Dominka and her sub she calls Subby join the crew to discuss Domination styles and to brainstorm about what to do about Persons A and B. Voicemail: 206-666-2653. 206-NOM-BOLD. Email: Polytics is supported by Hypermedia Adventures; Music courtesy of Gaia Consort.

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3 Responses to “Rub a Dub Sub - Polytics S02 E36”

  1. Bernie’s Blog » Blog Archive » Off in Camp Vamp, downtime to listen to episode Says:

    [...] out at Camp Vamp.  No party going on right now, so there is some downtime to listen to the latest episode.  Oh, the things that Subby [...]

  2. *hic* Says:

    downtime for the people who don’t listen to it instantly, maybe. i hate it when i listen to the latest episode and then another blog about it appears, and i think it’s something new.

  3. polytics Says:

    Bernie always blogs about the latest episode a little bit after it’s out, after he’s had a chance to listen to the final product. Sorry that he’s caused you confusion… I’ll poke him with a stick for you.